EHE Rare Cancer Foundation Australia is a patient-centred, national, not-for-profit, health promotion charity, established for the purposes of promoting the prevention, control and cure of Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma (EHE), a rare vascular cancer.

The core objective of the EHE Rare Cancer Foundation Australia is to proactively fundraise and raise awareness of Rare Cancers, particularly EHE, in order to offer people suffering from this frequently aggressive and lethal cancer hope for improved disease management, treatment and, ultimately, a cure.

We work in partnership with our sister charities in the United States and United Kingdom as part of a global change movement dedicated to addressing the needs of people affected by EHE throughout the world.   We are unified in our mission to create positive changes in care, quality of life outcomes and survival for EHE patients, present and future.

Why We Do What We Do

Around the world, the statistics tell us that more action is needed to tackle rare and less common cancers like EHE. With rare and less common cancers accounting for more than 22,000 deaths in Australia each year, equating to 50% of all cancer deaths, and these figures on the rise, the need for change is urgent (Rare Cancers Australia, 2016).

There is no funding for this type of Cancer and we can only begin to attract researchers if we have dollars behind us to support our cause.  Patients and supporters alike have a shared goal and with energy, enthusiasm and dedication we hope to raise vital funds to support our key objectives:
Research and Clinical Development Program
Develop, facilitate and lead research into EHE with a strong focus on Immunotherapy

Consumer and Stakeholder Support Program
Support EHE consumers and stakeholders throughout the cancer journey

Awareness, Advocacy and Partnering
Raise awareness, advocate for and partner with rare cancer, sarcoma and EHE communities;

Fundraising and Sponsorship
Fundraising for and sponsorship of support programs and research programs;

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